Why would it be a great idea for you to publicize your Brand through Outdoor Media?

Outdoor Advertising media provides rich effect on target clients. This is the reason why OOH Advertising is a compelling method of Brand advancement for every one of these years. Promoting your Brand through OOH media gives different advantages. Taking after are a few advantages of publicizing your image through Outdoor Media.


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Outdoor Advertising for Maruti Suzuki Baleno

Non-stop display of brand message– It is by a long shot a known reality to everybody that OOH media shows the brand message in a constant way. The brand message is accessible for clients to access for a considerable length of time, weeks and notwithstanding for a considerable length of time. As a Brand proprietor, in the event that you show your Brand message at some area in a specific city, there are high chances of conveying the message to those clients who drive or sidestep the specific area habitually or every day. By seeing the showed nonstop, those clients would without a doubt sees and experience the subtle elements of the same. Such reach ability and compelling viewership garners as an effective tool to promote your brand.

Creative approach– Most number of OOH promoting campaigns are propelled in an inventive way consequently giving an innovative way to deal with spectators. OOH Ads are generally consideration getting a handle on in light of the utilization of splendid and intense pictures and in addition content. Clients don’t miss the ad display particularly in view of the imaginative methodology utilized by the brand proprietor to pass on the message.

Centrestage Mall Noida

Outdoor Advertising for Olx in Noida

Informative and Entertaining– OOH Ads illuminates clients about significant Brand information as well as work as a source of entertainment for them. Without OOH displays, a specific situation looks exhausting and dull. The alluring bulletins, Poster ads, Booth Advertisements and so forth make the encompassing environment exuberant and brilliant accordingly making a satisfying vibes for clients. Customers are indeed fond of OOH Ad displays. It is a significant satisfying background to experience another OOH promotion show at the nearby transport stand or at the road divider when they move out of home for any reason.

Intriguing appeal to customers- Every media provides an appeal to customers. OOH Advertising media gives a captivating speak to clients. As specified above, anything that looks spectacular effectively hits out eyeballs and forces us to watch or watch that. That is precisely how OOH Ads influence customers conduct. There is no break course for clients to keep away from the brand message. Hence at any cost, customers view/read the brand message without failure. The execution of hi tech media has gathered OOH Advertising practices as it were. Modern outdoor advertising is much more improved as compared to conventional practices.


Why Are Specialist OOH Agencies Important?


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The vast industry, of OOH or Outdoor Advertising, has many players trying to get the attention of the brands. Along with the presence of specialist OOH Agencies, unorganized networks of vendors and printers are also available who often provide OOH Advertising services at lower costs than the organized Outdoor Advertising Agencies. However, falling for the bait of lower prices has often the resulted in campaigns ending in disasters. Here, we discuss some of most important reasons for using specialist Outdoor Advertising Agencies for branding campaigns.

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Experience & Reputation Matters

A specialist Outdoor Advertising Agency will have ample experience in the field and thus will know of the most practical solutions to the obstacles which may arise at any phase of the campaign. It will have a reputation attached with its name, which can be used to determine the most appropriate agency suited for the purpose.

Strong Network

Specialist Outdoor Advertising Agencies work with an aim of sustenance. Thus, they pay ample attention to building proper and strong network of associates at all the places where they offer OOH Advertising services. The strength of the network plays a key role in determining the smoothness and efficiency with which the campaign is executed.

Legal Sites

A major issue, with associating with random vendors, printers, etc., is that they often sell and utilize illegal sites, in order to maximize profit. These may then be taken down without any notice by the relevant authorities. Even if they do escape the inspections of the authorities, it is very unlikely that such entities will be able to provide proper maintenance. Specialist OOH Agencies ensure that the sites offered to your brand are 100% legal. The other procedures, which involve paperwork, are also completed in an appropriate manner.

The above are some of the reasons why it is important to ensure that your brand promotions are executed by specialized Outdoor Advertising Agencies only.

Top Advantages of Promoting Your Brand on Outdoor Advertising


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Outdoor Advertising or OOH, the oldest platform for brand promotions, still provides stiff competition to even the most modern of advertising methods today. OOH has been used to spread awareness since a time when terms like “brand promotion” did not even exist. As times progressed, making the markets more competitive, OOH successfully negotiated the new situations and incorporated all the changes which were required. This blog takes a look at the top advantages of OOH which keeps the brands interested in the medium.

Best Medium to Target Huge Audiences

While attempting to target large audiences at the same time, nothing is more convenient than Outdoor Advertising. Placing even a single hoarding at key positions, where the masses accumulate, is the best way to target even the largest of audiences.

Reaches All Markets

OOH can reach not just the modern, tech-savvy audiences but also those who are yet to catch up with the latest. Since no technology is required to form any bridge between the brand message and the audiences, every person, within the range of visibility of the site, can be effectively targeted.

Presence on Ground

Huge, larger-than-life hoardings, etc., reinforce the presence of the brand in the markets and in the process reassures the existing consumers. They also leave a better and bigger impact on the minds of the audiences.


Since regular visitors to the place of the sites will always be present, the frequency of impact is also high. This is a luxury which cannot be afforded by many other platforms.

The above are just the tip of the iceberg in examining the advantages of Outdoor Advertising. The high impact, of OOH mediums like airports, metro, roadsides, etc., will always keep the medium a favourite of the brands.

The Obstacles Faced by Outdoor Advertising in India


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Outdoor Advertising or OOH (Out-of-Home), the oldest form of advertising, is still going strong. The platform has always successfully negotiated the obstacles which have occurred in its path throughout the ages. When we put it in the Indian context, we find a higher number of obstacles due to various reasons. Let us look at some of the stymies which the OOH Agencies in India have to overcome.

The first and foremost obstacle arises due to the diversity of India. The different kinds of terrain and weather conditions, in themselves, make a challenge out of successful implementations of OOH campaigns. It has been found best to employ local assets who can also ensure proper maintenance throughout the period of the campaign. Managing assets, on a pan India basis, requires a strong network which cannot be afforded by most of the agencies.

Another problem, plaguing the Outdoor scenario in India, is the continued presence of illegal hoardings. Apart from the dangers which they create, illegal hoardings eat away into the revenue of the authorized Outdoor Agencies, making their sustenance and growth a difficult affair. The fight, against the unauthorized agencies, has been on since a long time and has recently received a ray of hope with the Delhi high court finally ordering the immediate removal of all illegal hoardings in Delhi.

The OOH Sector in India has to take into account government regulations in their attempts at digitalization of the sites. The dream of complete OOH-Mobile integration cannot be completed without convincing the authorities. Media houses have been praying to the authorities in this regard for quite some time now.

The above are the top obstacles which are faced by Outdoor Advertising Agencies in India. However, the media continues to provide excellent solutions to the brands even in the face of the above obstacles.

TDI International joins hands with Alibaba.com to become its 1st Channel Partner in India


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TDI International India (P) Limited, one of the most experienced and well known advertising agencies in India, and Alibaba.com, the leading platform for global wholesale trade under Alibaba Group (NYSE:BABA), today announced the parties’ collaboration. TDI has been selected as Alibaba.com’s first official Channel Partner in India. This partnership will allow TDI’s mobile and internet vertical, MAD (Mobile & Internet Advertising Division), to sell Alibaba.com’s Gold Membership packages to the small-and-medium sized businesses in India.

Bhushan Patil, Channel Director, Alibaba.com in India said, “We are pleased to select TDI International India (P) Limited, to be our channel partner for India. TDI’s mobile and internet advertising vertical’s technical expertise, along with the presence across the country will help Alibaba.com reach to more small businesses across India.” Mr Sudheesh Nair, Channel leader from India for Alibaba.com, also echoed the views and welcomed TDI to Alibaba.com’s partner family.

TDI and Alibaba

Management at TDI are also excited about the prospect which the tie-up has brought in. The advertising agency is well known across the length and breadth of India. Apart from the 9 airports and 73 Delhi Metro Stations where it has exclusive rights, TDI’s Media Services is known for its ability to put brand displays on Outdoor sites across the country. The agency is highly experienced with the country’s SME sector through its mobile and internet division also and has many patrons from the sector.

Hiyav Bajaj, M.D. of TDI said, “We have been the leader of Outdoor Advertising in India since 1986 and the tie-up with Alibaba.com is a natural progress in the digital field. We believe that this partnership has got a potential of changing the SME scenario in a big way and contribute to the ”Make in India” vision of the current government.”

Bajaj added, “The partnership brings in an unparalleled opportunity for the Indian SMEs to export their products to buyers across the world and thereby contribute to the “Make in India” program initiated by Mr. Narendra Modi, the honorable Prime Minister of India. The Indian SMEs can hereby conveniently enroll themselves as Gold Members of Alibaba.com and find buyers from across the world. Through Alibaba.com, one of the biggest e-commerce platforms for buyers and sellers around the word, the Indian SMEs will immensely benefit from the arrangement. We have a strong pan-Indian Team which is being trained up for this partnership.”

Sanjay Sharma, Global Head of TDI says, “We have a great vision for this partnership and we will be covering the entire Indian geography with skilled feet on street, selling Alibaba.com’s Gold Supplier packages. Over 4.46 million Indian SMEs leverage Alibaba.com platform for cross border trade opportunities. For Indian suppliers, Alibaba.com Gold Membership offers many features to showcase them to buyers across the world. Features like displaying multiple products,  company profile & exploring thousands of buying opportunities on Alibaba.com can help improve trade for Indian SMEs. With Alibaba.com and TDI, the value of platform can be taken to more small and medium enterprises and across India.”

Political Parties Use Extensive Brushes on OOH for Delhi Elections 2015


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As Delhi prepares for assembly elections on February 7, 2015, OOH India is being used as one of the top platforms of promotions by the political parties. The trend, which took an energetic turn during the Parliament elections during April-May 2014, strengthened itself during the Delhi elections as we saw increased spending by the contesting parties.

Delhi Assembly Elections 2015 saw OOH or Outdoor Advertising and FM radio as the two primary platforms for reaching the voters. While radio provided opportunities of dual between the leaders, OOH presented the opportunity of painting the boards with previous achievements and future promises. Another key strength, of OOH in this regard, is the platform’s ability at location based targeting. The OOH Sites at the various constituencies of the Delhi assembly are being used by the respective candidates to lure the residents. Delhi Assembly Election Campaigns have taken a leaf out of the General elections which saw the wonderful affects of advertising on the outdoor medium.

The Outdoor Hoardings, where political campaigns are being executed, are also playing their part in bringing alive the election mood in the capital of the country. It is currently hard to turn a corner in Delhi without coming face to face with a candidate’s face smiling at you from an OOH Site. Outdoor Advertising Agencies in Delhi have reported an increase in spending by the political parties. This increase is in comparison to the political spending done during the General Elections of last year. As loud rallies seem to have taken a back seat this time, the Hoardings continue to paint Delhi with the colors of the election.

OOH – The Grandest Portal for Advertising


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OOH (Out-of-Home) or Outdoor Advertising is one of the most popular mediums of branding in modern times. However, the medium, in itself, is one of the oldest in the advertising world. Charting a successful run which started before Christ, OOH has been at the top of popularity among brands throughout time. Be it during the earlier times, when there were only limited opportunities of OOH Displays, or the present times when uncluttered sites of high impact viewership is more commonly present, OOH has always been the grandest portal for advertising.

Some of the most important reasons for OOH’s rule include strong carry-over effects, ability to reach audiences at their hubs, high brand retention, and lower costs. Though OOH mediums like Airport Advertising do fall under the higher end media, every benefit of OOH also increases, which accounts for their popularity. Among all the available branding media, OOH is the only one which has always been at the height of demands. It has not only adjusted to all the changes which were required by the industry, but also continued providing the best Branding solutions to brands from various industry sectors. Developed outdoors, roads, transit systems and transit stations have provided major boosts to OOH Advertising, arming it with even more firepower.


Outdoor Advertising Displays are popular among people of all areas and regions. An OOH canvas has the power to attract people across the globe and across all timelines. An OOH Hoarding sits, at the highest vantage point of the surroundings, from where your brand can impress its target audiences.

OOH or Outdoor Advertising – An Overview


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Chennai SHSOOH (Out-of-Home) or Outdoor Advertising is the oldest form of Advertising. Advertising started with the medium of OOH around 3000 BC, when Egyptians put up the laws and treaties on stone obelisks at the corners of the streets. OOH has come a long way from these humble beginnings but the basic modus operandi stays the same. It is far more feasible and advisable to reach a client while he is following his daily route of travel than to chase him into his home. OOH is a leading non-intrusive ad form as it naturally reaches the audience without them having to make any adjustments in their schedule.

Stone walls of caves and other buildings also soon began to be used along with the stone obelisks. As the infrastructure of the places developed, there was also an increase in the clutter-free spaces for advertising. Hoardings or Billboards were the very first displays of modern OOH and have remained popular throughout the history of OOH. As villages became towns and towns became cities, hoardings soon found unique sites to solicit from. In time, OOH became an organized industry and OOH Agencies all over the world began providing systematized Outdoor Advertising Services to the brands.

Chennai OutdoorEven when, tens of other media options developed with the advancement of technology, OOH still continues to receive encouraging patronage of brands. OOH soon developed several verticals like Airport Advertising, Metro Advertising, etc. Of them Airport Advertising has become the top form. Apart from the millions of affluent audiences and superior advertising conditions, it became a case of prestige for a brand to be present at the airports. Outdoor media is also a technology friendly medium and digital hoardings, etc. are becoming a regular features of the platform. The Top Outdoor Advertising Agencies are finding creative ways of merging modern technology and traditional OOH displays to provide the best branding solutions.

Going for OOH India is Going for the Highest Visibility


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If you are thinking maximum visibility for your brand at the lowest costs, you are thinking OOH India. Covering every nook, corner, open space, and transit station in India, OOH or Outdoor Advertising has played a key role in building brand impressions among the audiences in India. The hoardings, banners, etc. inside and outside the transit stations, malls, markets, roadsides and any place which is Out-of-Home, have ensured that maximum spaces can be made available for your brand.

This high visibility creates immense brand recall rate which increases your Returns on Investment (RoI). The key point for success in OOH is a strong network of professionals who can implement the campaigns within the decided time frames and follow them up with efficient maintenance programs. All the leading OOH Agencies in India are principally strong in the area of their media network. Developing such a network is never aService_OOH3_S stroll in the park but takes years of experience in the industry. If the terrain is as complicated as OOH in India, add a few more years before complete control can be obtained. It is only experienced Outdoor Advertisers, like TDI, which can provide any of your desired locations in a hassle-free manner.


An OOH Advertising Campaign, held according to the best practices of the industry, brings the brand into the scope of high visibility and brand recall rate. Both of these factors are absolutely essential for ensuring a good rate of growth at times of stiff competition in all major industries.

Foggy Winters in India Set to be illuminated by Outdoor Advertising


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One of the roles Outdoor Advertising plays is adding to the beauty and decor of the environment. The Frontlits, Backlits, and various other Outdoor Advertising Displays add an aura to the place they stand in. The winters, with their mist and fog, are the best times of the year to experience the charm which even the plainest of Outdoor Hoardings can spell.

As India steps into the beginning days of winter, Outdoor Advertising Agencies in India are gearing up with campaigns which can best make use of the misty appeal of the time. As the light of the displays play with the darkness of the night, the impact of the displays increase manifold. Some of the most intriguing photographs of advertising installations have been taken on the winter-nights in India.


An example of such an impactful display is the above installation which TDI had put in for Apollo tyres. It would be a wonderful idea for the brands to take advantage of the winters and increase the impact and charm of their ad displays. The ability of a display to attract audiences is at an all time high during the foggy nights. There is no way that a passing commuter can miss such an orgy of light and colors amidst the surrounding darkness.

They are such USPs, of Outdoor Advertising in India, which result in the undiluted patronage from the top brands. We are anticipating for more such displays this winter when the outdoor environment in India comes alive in the darkness of the night.